Building a BeeWeigh

When you call a plumber to solve a problem, you get a plumbing solution! Since my expertise is primarily in the area of woodworking, my approach to weighing hives involved making something out of wood.
This section provides a description of the materials used for my device. Dimensions are provided. But, these can be varied as they are somewhat arbitrary based on limited experimentation. It is the underlying principles that are important.
Two pieces of wooden dowel rod act as a pivot for the BeeWeigh and as a lifting dowel to hook the device under the side of a hive.
The BeeWeigh uses a 50 pound capacity electronice fish scale available a “big-box” stores in some areas or over the internet. Depending on the model purchased, the attachment to the BeeWeigh may require some modification.
The design uses a plumb bob arrangement to insure consistency in the way measurements are taken from one time to another.
After many attempts to use commercially available hardware to permit folding of the device for easy transport, a folding joint, made from wood, was developed.