Calculating Tare Weight

Tare Weight:

This is the part of the weight of the device which contributes to the force exerted to lift the side of the hive. It is measured by resting the device on its fulcrum with the horizontal arm level. Use the fish scale to suspend the device at the top of the vertical arm using a piece of    string strung through the scale retainer. Add to the scale reading 2 additional ounces (the weight of the scale itself) and you have the tare weight. Convert the reading from pounds and ounces to fractional pounds.

The fish scale is rather sensitive to any movement while measurements are being made. One way to overcome this issue when making tare weight measurements is to use a heavy cord or light rope run through something on the ceiling to suspend the fish scale. This will permit a stable measurement to be taken. In my workshop, I run the rope over a pipe attached to the floor joists in the ceiling.