Using the BeeWeigh

A BeeWeigh ready to weigh a hive
A BeeWeigh in postion to make a measurement

  How to Use the BeeWeigh:

  1. 1. Unfold the device and turn on the fish scale.

2. Hook the device under the side of the hive at the center point.  It is advisable to make a mark at the midpoint of the hive side as a reference for subsequent use.

3.  Pull down on the hook of the scale until the plumb bob line aligns with the reference line.  Be sure to pull directly down parallel to the vertical member.  Do not pull at an angle as this will distort the measurement.

4.  Record the reading obtained.  Note:  liquid inside the hive, as in a hive top feeder,  may cause a sloshing action as the side is raised.  This may cause the scale readings to fluctuate.

5.  Repeat steps 2 thru 4 on the other side of the hive.

6.  You are done.  Move to the next hive.

7.  Don’t forget to turn the scale off when you are finished.

8.  The two measurements for each hive are the basis for calulating the Gross Weights and Net Weights.