The BeeWeigh

Purpose of the BeeWeigh

To determine the weight of a beehive without opening, lifting or disassembling the hive

This Website

This website is designed to provide enough information so that you should be able to build, calibrate and use your own BeeWeigh. The site was updated last on 29 December, 2014

A BeeWeigh ready to weigh a hive

A BeeWeigh in postion to make a measurement

What is it?

It is a light-weight,  portable, collapsible, accurate and relatively inexpensive device that measures the weight of a complete beehive without doing any heavy lifting. The gross and net weights of a hive can be determined in less than a minute

Why Use One?

The net weight of a hive gives an indication of the build-up, or consumption, of stores; the amount of comb being drawn and the    amount of brood present. Tracking net, versus gross, weight provides a very good management tool that does not require constant opening of the hive which could be very disruptive.


The BeeWeighis 99+% accurate in determining the actual weight of a hive. But, keep in mind that the real utility is measuring the change in weight from one time to another.

How is it used?

BeeWeigh hooked to a hive

The lifting dowel hooks under the side of the hive while the fulcrum dowel rests on top of the hive stand

The BeeWeigh is placed on the hive stand with the lifting dowel hooked under the side of the hive at the center point

The horizontal arm of the BeeWeigh is a simple lever. Forcing down the end of the arm until it is level raises the side of the hive a small amount. The amount of lift is determined by the distance between the bottom of the fulcrum piece and the top of the dowel hooked under the side of the hive.  Click here for further details on making measurements.


The BeeWeigh folds for easy transport and storage

Folded BeeWeigh being carried

The BeeWeigh folds for easy transport